Featured Painting

These are my featured paintings. As I work throughout the course of the year, I occasionally post pieces that I find interesting. I add a small commentary about what makes them interesting to me.

“Nude Model”

December 2012 My favorite aspect of being a member of the Marblehead Arts Association is the opportunity to draw and paint from a live model with other member artists. Throughout history artists have focused a great deal of their attention … Continue reading

“Red Rock 2”

September 2012 On a trip to the Desert Southwest in January, I stopped by Red Rock Canyon. I had my sketch book and charcoal handy, and as the sunlight waned I whipped out a few sketches. While the “Red Rocks” … Continue reading

“Mojave 1”

March 2012 On a trip to the Desert Southwest in February, I took a hike at Cima Dome in the Mojave Desert. The hike on that sunny, chilly day was exhilarating. As usual, I brought my sketch pad and some … Continue reading

“Nude Model”

December 2011 One of the reasons that I joined the Marblehead Arts Association is to be able to attend the Life Drawing Class. During these sessions we share to cost of hiring a model, and we share the company and … Continue reading