“Nude Model”

December 2011

One of the reasons that I joined the Marblehead Arts Association is to be able to attend the Life Drawing Class. During these sessions we share to cost of hiring a model, and we share the company and comradery of drawing and painting together. The nude model is one of painting’s greatest motifs.

After some quick sketches to warm up, we have our model pose for a longer period during which I made this painting.The idea behind this painting is to differentiate the subject by color, not by the drawing. Notice that there are no firm outlines to the figure, and none of the proportions are exact. In fact, the shapes that comprise the model are not far different from those that comprise the bench and the background draperies. How, then, do the model and props differ? With color. Remove the color, and the painting becomes a mass of arbitrary shapes, losing its configuration. But because the drawing is exaggerated, so too must the colors be exaggerated to maintain balance.


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